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24 April 2010 @ 11:50 pm
1x01 Pilot - Episode Discussion  

Welcome to the city of Pittsburgh! The setting and heart of "Romantically Challenged";  ABC netowrk's latest comedy starring Alyssa Milano. The series starts off with Alyssa Milano's character, Rebecca Thomas, as a recent divorce whose life gets thrown into a bit of a tailspin when she finds out her ex-husband is getting re-married. Along for the laughs are her circle of friends: Perry Gill, the nice guy who can't seem to find his ms. right, Shawn Goldwater - a cynic and "writer" of the group, and finally Lisa Thomas - Rebecca's sister, who is a kindergarten teacher and kink-mistress.

Personally I thought this episode was great! The actors all have a great chemistry, and the humor although somewhat crude is still laughable.
What did you guys think about it?
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